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General Questions

Where Are You Based Out Of?

Do You Have A Store Front?

Is There Any Loyalty Program Or Benefits If I Consign And Buy From You?

What is your Processing Fee?


How Do You Authenticate?

How Do You Guarantee Authenticity?

Do You Do Local Viewings or Meet-ups?

Where Do You Get All Your Items From?

Are Your Items New?

Do Items Come With Their Original Packaging And Paperwork?

How Accurate Are Your Photos And Descriptions?

Can I Offer A Lower Bid For An Item?

How Long Can I Expect To Receive My Item After I Have Paid For It?

If I Put Something On Hold Can I Change My Mind If I See Something Else That I Like?

If I Leave A Deposit Can I Back Out?

What Happens If I Cannot Pay Off My Item Within The Timeframe Given?

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Can I Cancel My Order?

Which Shipping Courier Do you Use?

How Does Your Refund Policy Work?

Do You Have A Wishlist?

Are Taxes Included in the price of the item?

If I am purchasing an item from out of my country, do I have to pay duties?


How Do You Sell Your Collections So Quickly?

When My Item Sells, When And How Do I Get Paid?

Is My Item Eligible For Consignment?

If I Consign, How Long Do You Keep My Item For?

What Are Your Consignment Rates?

If My Item Is On Layaway Do I Have To Wait Until It Is Paid Off to Get Paid?

If I Live Outside Canada, Can I Still Consign With You?

If I Don't Live Local, How Can I Consign?

What happens if you no longer accept an item that I consigned?

Get In Touch

Do You Have A Facebook Page?

Do You Have An Instagram Page?

How Can I Stay Up To Date With Your New Arrivals And Latest Offers?

Luxe Bag Spa

What brands do you work on?

How do you determine your prices?

When a bag says that it has been "spa'd" what does that mean?

Can I get a repair estimate before I mail in my item?

What is the normal turnaround time for a service?

What does a spa service include?

How long does a spa service last?

Do you guarantee repairs?

Are you insured?

Can you dye my bag to a different color?

What if my item is under a store warranty?

What if I chose the wrong treatment?

Are you able to appraise handbags for sale?

How do I ship my bag to your spa?

Can I send in my items from abroad?

When and how do I pay?

Do you sell or recommend any particular leather care products?

What happens if you find out that my bag is counterfeit or inauthentic?

Buy Now Pay Later Program

Which Installment Program Are You Using?

How Does PayBright Work?

What Is The Difference Between Your Website Layaway and Instagram Layaway?

Do You Charge Interest On Your Payment Plans?

Can I Apply for PayBright Before I Shop on Your Website?

What Is The Duration Of Your 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Payment Plan?