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General Questions

Where Are You Based Out Of?

Do You Have A Store Front?

Is There Any Loyalty Program Or Benefits If I Consign And Buy From You?

What is your Taxes & Processing Fee?

Do You Charge Tax?


How Do You Authenticate?

How Do You Guarantee Authenticity?

Do You Do Local Viewings or Meet-ups?

Where Do You Get All Your Items From?

Are Your Items New?

Do Items Come With Their Original Packaging And Paperwork?

How Accurate Are Your Photos And Descriptions?

Can I Offer A Lower Bid For An Item?

How Long Can I Expect To Receive My Item After I Have Paid For It?

If I Put Something On Hold Can I Change My Mind If I See Something Else That I Like?

If I Leave A Deposit Can I Back Out?

What Happens If I Cannot Pay Off My Item Within The Timeframe Given?

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Can I Cancel My Order?

Which Shipping Courier Do you Use?

How Does Your Refund Policy Work?

Do You Have A Wishlist?

Are Taxes Included in the price of the item?

If I am purchasing an item from out of my country, do I have to pay duties?


How Do You Sell Your Collections So Quickly?

When My Item Sells, When And How Do I Get Paid?

Is My Item Eligible For Consignment?

If I Consign, How Long Do You Keep My Item For?

What Are Your Consignment Rates?

If My Item Is On Layaway Do I Have To Wait Until It Is Paid Off to Get Paid?

If I Live Outside Canada, Can I Still Consign With You?

If I Don't Live Local, How Can I Consign?

What happens if you no longer accept an item that I consigned?

What is the "Store Credit" Option on my Quote?

Get In Touch

Do You Have A Facebook Page?

Do You Have An Instagram Page?

How Can I Stay Up To Date With Your New Arrivals And Latest Offers?

Luxe Bag Spa

What brands do you work on?

How do you determine your prices?

When a bag says that it has been "spa'd" what does that mean?

Can I get a repair estimate before I mail in my item?

What is the normal turnaround time for a service?

What does a spa service include?

How long does a spa service last?

Do you guarantee repairs?

Are you insured?

Can you dye my bag to a different color?

What if my item is under a store warranty?

What if I chose the wrong treatment?

Are you able to appraise handbags for sale?

How do I ship my bag to your spa?

Can I send in my items from abroad?

When and how do I pay?

Do you sell or recommend any particular leather care products?

What happens if you find out that my bag is counterfeit or inauthentic?

Buy Now Pay Later Program

How Does Affirm / PayBright Work?

Do You Charge Interest On Your Payment Plans?

Can I Apply for PayBright Before I Shop on Your Website?

What Is The Duration Of Your 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Payment Plan?