Chanel 2022 NEW Bag Quota System

OH NO! It's happening! Chanel has announced an official quota bag system set to launch on June 7th.

The new policy states brand wide that you are limited to only purchasing two classic flaps (any size, any color) per year… that includes the mini flaps. This will apply to the 2022 fiscal year. This is the final step in elevating the status of the Chanel Classic Flap, making the bag less available and creating fewer new classic flaps on the market. The Classic flap will now be more exclusive and sought after. This quota is similar to Hermes. What does this mean for Chanel bag lovers? The value of a Chanel Classic Flap will increase dramatically in the pre-owned market.

Why? Why Chanel? This could be to drum up business with Chanel’s other styles they offer that don’t have the same.

Bag Lovers, Not to worry - we have an incredible selection of Classic Flaps in various sizes and colors! Here's a few of our top picks below:

Classic M/L Dark Pink:


Classic Jumbo Grey:

Classic M/L Blue Clair:

Classic Jumbo Red/Orange Patent:


Classic Jumbo Burgundy:

Bag Lovers, did this quota system come as a shock to you? I want to hear your thoughts below.

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