Where are you based out of?

Calgary, Alberta

Do you have a store front?

We specialize in authenticating luxury handbags. We also use third party authenticators whenever we are in doubt.

How do you authenticate?

We specialize in authenticating luxury handbags. We also use third party authenticators whenever we are in doubt.

How do you guarantee authenticity?

We guarantee authenticity on all our items and offer a very easy and simple return policy for any item that is deemed non authentic with proof from a reputable authenticator. We will never let any of our clients be stuck with a fake item so that you can shop with confidence!

How does your refund policy work?

We do not offer refunds on any item unless the item is deemed non authentic. All sales are final.

Do you have a wishlist?

We are currently working on an effective wishlist system for those who are keen on hunting down their dream bag. At this time, please email us if you are looking for a certain item.

Do you do local viewings or meet ups?

Yes, we require a 10% non refundable deposit for local viewings or meet ups. We will send you as many pictures as you need or a video prior to make sure you are certain about the item.

If I live in Calgary and want to consign, how does that work?

Once you have obtained a quote from us make sure you print out the email quote to attach with your item(s) and we will provide you with our assistants contact info and drop off address where you then can arrange a time.

If I don't live in Calgary and would like to consign, how does that work?

Once you have obtained a quote from us make sure you print out the email quote and attach to your item(s) and we will provide you a mailing address where you will be responsible to ship the item to us. You are responsible for shipping costs and insurance is optional. For any international clients please be aware of possible customs and duties charged on your package as you are responsible to pay those charges.

As a buyer, how do your payment plans work?

We have 2 different payment plans:
1. SPLIT PAYMENT: You must pay half of the item price immediately for it to be reserved and the remainder is due within 30 days
2. LAYAWAY PLAN: (only eligible for items over $1500) You must pay a 30% deposit for the item in order for the item to be reserved and then you will have 3 months to pay off the remainder in any increments of your choice and at anytime.
We keep track of all payments but we do ask you kindly to send us a quick message if you are about to send money so we can confirm your payment and send you an updated balance, Please also keep in mind that the item does not ship until the balance is paid off so the sooner you pay it off the sooner you get your item!

Do you charge interest on your payment plans?

No. We do not charge any interest or any fee to use our payment plan services.

As a seller, if my item is on layaway do I have to wait until it's paid off to get paid?

No. Our payment plans do NOT affect our consignors at all. We bank roll every transaction so once your item is reserved with a deposit we pay you in full for your item so you do not need to wait.

If I put something on hold, can I change my mind if I see something else that I like?

Yes and No. If there is high demand for your item and we think we can resell quickly then we will allow your deposit to go towards another item of ours once your other item has sold.

If I leave a deposit, can I back out?

Yes, however you will lose your deposit. Deposits are non refundable because once you leave a deposit committing to the purchase, we pay our consignors immediately for their item. Therefore, we would be stuck with the item as inventory not knowing when it will sell again.

How do you sell your things so quickly?

We have built a clientele base that knows very well that good deals don't last. Our motto "buy now, think later!". We also take the time to do live videos of sneak a peaks on Instagram stories so make sure you follow us and watch our instastories!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept paypal, email transfer, bank wire transfer and all major credit cards

Which shipping courier do you use?

Canada Post

How long can I expect to receive my item after I have paid for it?

Our processing time is within 2 days and shipping time depends on where you live so feel free to ask upon purchase.

When my item sells, when and how do I get paid?

Once your item is on hold or sold, we pay you normally within 1-2 days and through paypal. We ask that all our clients set up Paypal prior to selling with us for prompt payments.

Where do you get all your items from?

We have consignors from all over the world! We welcome any clients to consign with us.

If I don't live in Canada, can I still consign with you?

Yes, however you are responsible to pay any duties and custom fees that may apply. Please also keep in mind we will be paying you in Canadian dollars.

If I consign, how long do you keep my time for?

You must keep your item with us for a minimum period of 3 months to sell. There is a $150 early withdrawal fee if you want your item back before the 90 day period. If it does not sell after the 3 months you are eligible to take it back or leave it with us until sold.

Is there any loyalty program or benefits if I consign and buy from you?

Yes. The benefits are not disclosed to the public and benefits may vary depending on loyalty.

What happens if I cannot pay off my item within the time frame given?

We will work with you to figure out an extended payment plan. There is a $150 late fee if you exceed the layaway time frame. If we feel you are uncooperative and the payment plan won't be paid within a timely matter, you may lose your initial deposit and we will re-list the item for sale.

Do you offer buyout for items?

Yes, we offer cash buyout for certain high demand items.

What are your consignment fees?

$0-$2500 (19%)
$2501-$5000 (17%)
$5001-$10000 (15%)
$10001+ (Flat Fee TBD)