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Easter Egg Hunt - April 4th, 2021

Listen up Calgary! Our first event is for our local clients! We want to give back $5000 to the city where we started! Easter is coming and we want to do a Covid-friendly outdoor Egg Hunt!! Luxe Du Jour will put a football-sized crystal blue Easter egg somewhere in the city! The egg will be placed outside or indoors and in a public place! 

We will give you clues to find the egg throughout the week starting April 4th, so make sure you're following Luxe Du Jour, Luxe Bag Spa and Luxe Bag Rental on instagram as well as signed up for our emails! 

Bring the egg to us and send us a picture of yourself with it to redeem for $5000 CASH or PAYPAL! 

How the egg hunt will work 

5 clues will be given throughout the month of March on different platforms (instagram, website, email) on random days! A bonus clue will be given to our Calgary clients who purchase during the month of March if you request it! Once you have a good idea of where the egg is going to be start looking! The first person to collect the egg and snap a picture of yourself with it will win! The hunt will end when someone has possession of the egg. 

The clues will be essential for narrowing down the location and will be numbered. If you miss the clue, you will not be able to get it from us again so stay tuned in! We will check up on the egg everyday to make sure it is still there! 

Turn on notifications for our instagram accounts and subscribe to our emails to make sure you don't miss out on a clue! Happy Easter everyone!