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At Luxe Bag Spa, we specialize in designer handbag restoration services and deliver market-leading techniques to make your bags look and feel as good as new.

From simple cleanings to more intricate restorations, Luxe Bag Spa is the perfect destination for your luxury handbag spa needs.

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Our handbag spa delivers leading restoration and spa services and specializes in luxury handbags. Over the years, we have developed restoration techniques, even for the most meticulous and complex repairs, to ensure the greatest care for your purse.

At Luxe Bag Spa, we have successfully helped many bag addicts and collectors around the world revive their most cherished possessions and make them look like the day they were unboxed.

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We offer leather restoration, re-gold plating, polishing, cleaning, coloration, patina lightening and more. Click below to learn more and to request a quote.