Our Executive Team – Luxe Du Jour

Our Executive Team

Tammy Phan is the founder and visionary behind Canada's leading online luxury destination where you can shop, sell, rent and restore designer handbags. 
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Jill Hintz

Jill Hintz is the Chief Operating Officer of Luxe Du Jour. She touches all aspects of the business, and is responsible for overseeing all of the company's operational procedures. 
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Shamaila Butt
Shamaila Butt is Luxe Du Jour’s Chief Marketing Officer, who manages all of Luxe Du Jour’s marketing initiatives, including strategy development, brand awareness, customer loyalty/retention, and innovation.
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Chief Technology Officer
Danny is our Chief Technology Officer who leads our app and web development team, and plays a critical role in our innovation strategy. 
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Luxe Du Jour Chief Financial Officer
 All of Luxe Du Jour's finances are overseen by Billy Le, our Chief Financial Officer.
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Shantal Zoto
Shantal Zoto is our Director of Communications. Shantal leads a team that is responsible for developing Luxe Du Jour's communication strategies for social media, publications, media outreach, and more. 
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