Our Story

Luxe Du Jour is an online luxury designer destination where you can shop, sell, consign, rent, restore and accessorize bags! We are your one stop trusted source where you can fuel your handbag addiction and not feel judged because we are addicts ourselves! Luxedujours’ main office is based in Calgary, Alberta with another smaller location based in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia and 3 subsidiary locations internationally. We were established in 2016 and since then, we have pride ourselves in the reputation we have built over the years.

Luxe Du Jour believes in the notion that every pre-loved item deserves it’s special loving home. If you no longer need that too-big Louis Vuitton tote bag or the too-small Chanel wallet, we will gladly find someone to house your previously cherished item(s). Money in your pocket and a beautiful purse re-homed, what could be better?

Don’t wait for your items to depreciate in the back of your closet! Sell to us today, contact us for a quote!

Have a question?

Want to add a new handbag to your collection?

You can shop with confidence here at luxedujour because we in house inspect all our items with reputable authentication partners @realauthentication and @entrupy.

Want to consign a bag to make room for another?

We have super low competitive consignment rates so you don’t need to worry about losing a lot of money on your handbag. A lot of our competitors take upwards of 40% from your sale we take under 20%! We also have a super fast payout system compared to our competitors so consigning couldn’t be more easy! For more info on how to consign – click the CONSIGN/SELL link.

Want to sell a bag for instant cash?

We offer cash buyout for a majority of items as long as they are in good condition! You no longer need to wait for your item to be sold to get paid when you choose to sell to us! To get a quote just fill in the form under CONSIGN/SELL to see if your item qualifies for a buyout price.

Want to rent/borrow a handbag instead?

Maybe you don’t know if you’ll love the bag and before dishing out the full chunk of money for it, why not borrow it and take it out for a test drive to see if it suits your lifestyle. Maybe you just need that dream bag for that one special event. Well we got you! You can now barrow/rent handbags instead of committing to purchasing one! For more details – click the RENT/BORROW link.

Want to restore a handbag back to life?

Our inhouse spa @luxebagspa has you covered! They can restore scuffs, color enhance, clean, re-gold plate hardware and other leather restorations so you may need so you never have to cry over some stains or scratches on your handbag! For more details – click the BAG SPA link.

Want to get some fun accessories for your bag?

We have some amazing LDJ bag accessories we think everyone should have! We are always finding new bag products that every bag addict will appreciate! To shop our LDJ accessories – click the ACCESSORIES link.

Want to just talk bags?

We have the perfect blog spot for you! Where all we do is talk designer handbags, fashion and tips and tricks and sometimes even some secret bag hacks! Join our community to find out – click the BLOG link.