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Luxe Du Jour is a Canadian-born one-stop online luxury boutique where you can shop, sell, consign, rent, restore and accessorize bags. We take pride in being a trusted and credible online shop where you can fuel your handbag addiction. Our corporate office is based in Calgary Alberta, with a secondary office in Vancouver, British Columbia. Additionally, we have 3 subsidiary international locations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Our Story

Luxe Du Jour was founded in 2016, by two lovely ladies who were luxury bag collectors. 

Prior to creating Luxe Du Jour, both our founders were luxury bag addicts. They had built up a really impressive designer collection on their own. They both also felt very strongly about making sustainable fashion choices to help reduce their environmental impact; this is when they were first introduced to the world of consignment. They found that they could easily re-home their pre-loved handbags by consigning them, recoup their investment, and save on new purchases by choosing to buy pre-loved. 

However, our founders noted that many existing consignment shops at the time had very high consignment fees, which put less money back in their pockets as consignees, and didn't benefit them very much. 

This helped inspire the creation of Luxe Du Jour, a luxury community and consignment shop that has significantly lower consignment fees than other leading consignment shops, along with the option of a cash buyout for consignees. 

Our Services - Repurpose, Revive, and Revolve

Consign/Sell With Us – Repurpose

Do you own a luxury bag, accessory, or piece of jewelry you no longer use/wear? We can help you sell it with ease to our loyal community of fashion lovers. Luxe Du Jour encourages sustainable fashion choices by providing pre-loved items with new, loving homes. If you no longer need that ‘too-big’ Louis Vuitton tote bag or the ‘too-small’ Chanel wallet, we will gladly find someone to home your previously cherished item(s). This helps put money back in your pocket, while also helping the environment by creating a sustainable, ecologically friendly consumer fashion cycle.  

We Offer Competitive Consignment Rates 

We have super low competitive consignment rates so you don’t need to worry about losing money when you choose to consign. Many of our competitors take upwards of 40% from each sale; in contrast, we take upwards of only 20%.  

Cash Buyouts Available 

Not interested in waiting for an item to be sold in order to get paid from a sale? Luxe Du Jour also offers an upfront cash buyout for a majority of designer items as long as they are in good condition! You no longer need to wait for your item to be sold to get paid when you choose to sell to us. 

Contact Us Today To Sell With Us

Don’t wait for your items to depreciate in the back of your closet! Sell to us today, contact us for a quote. 

Consign With Us

Restore/Repair Your Designer Bags – Revive

Do you have a bag that needs a little extra tender-loving-care (TLC)? Ask us about our Luxe Bag Spa services where we help repair, restore, and revive designer handbags and make them look as good as new. 

Luxe Bag Spa

Shop With Us - Revolve

Looking to add a new bag to your designer collection? We have a wide variety of pre-loved luxury handbags, accessories, and jewelry for you to choose from. We guarantee authenticity, or your money back.

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